So what to write about? I’m not big on writing but I would like to start to use this blog to share my experiences in coaching.

It’s such a great profession, being on the field everyday with young people, passionate people, and being apart of a TEAM! I love watching players develop not only on the field but seeing them grow as people. The confidence that comes from being apart of something bigger then just one person. Overcoming challenges, mastering a skill, making sacrifices, sport is a unbelievable teacher and coaching is a great responsibility.

Coaches often have the ability to reach young people in a way that can change lives and at times when they are often not listening to a lot of adults. I know my life was changed by the coaches that came through it. So thank you to all of them. And to those of you who coach, recognize your influence and make the most of it.

Till next time…enjoy the game!

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